Don't Die

An interview series about

Don’t Die is an online lighthouse for people who feel lost, voiceless, and powerless working in creative industries and enduring the social internet.

The collection of 600+ interviews is preserved by Stanford and aims to tell the story of how we are trying to come to grips with early 21st century life.

The interview series began in 2014 in Gamergate’s aftermath as a safe harbor for reflection and exploration of abuses of power in entertainment industries, life in the trenches of tech industries, and the role videogames played in shaping the social internet. It put issues facing the industry and culture of videogames in conversation with other subcultures.

This tireless line of inquiry has also led to a book, The Hivemind Swarmed: Conversations on Gamergate, the Aftermath, and the Quest for a Safer Internet, which you can pre-order now via Amazon, Bookshop, or Barnes & Noble.

This work is entirely independent, supported solely by contributions from readers who believe in its mission. If you'd like to support and empower my efforts, please consider becoming a Patreon or making a one-time PayPal donation.

Don’t die,

David Wolinsky